Webinars on Nidra Yoga Sadhana with Nidra expert Andre Riehl
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Date(s) - 06/12/2019



Thanks to Eric Alessi, from Bali, we are launching a first series of free webinars about Nidra Yoga open to everyone interested.
Each encounter contains introductory topic, practice and question/answer session.

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Nidrâ Yoga is a very little known centuries old tradition and strangely very accurate to our contemporary life.
It has many implications into our ordinary daily life from basic needs to our highest natural attraction to sacredness.

Andre Riehl



Join a Series of 3 Special Webinars on the topic of NIDRA YOGA, with master yogi Andre Riehl throughout the month of December.

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Topics to be discussed:

Webinar 1 (Dec 6th, 2019)
– the origins and context of nidrâ
– Place of nidrâ among the different types of yoga
– Practice: Inner Peace
– Sithilikarana 1st level of relaxation /surrendering
– Dharana 1st degree of concentration /presence
– Pranvarna 1st intensity of inner availability of strength

Webinar 2 (Date TBD)
– Why practice
– Importance and role of nidrâ our contemporary life
– Benefits
– Reducing emotional states. Clarity of the mind. Inner and outer peace.
– Making a decision. Deepening affection with less dependency. Acting without ambiguity.
– Practice: relationship to space
– Sithilikarana 2nd level of relaxation /surrendering
– Dharana 2nd degree of concentration/presence
– Pranvarna 2nd intensity of inner availability of strength

Webinar 3 (Date TBD)
– Synchronicity and coincidence
– Relationship to time
– Global humanity
– Uncorrupted and true relationships
– Caring for life- Practice: relationship to global life on earth
– Sithilikarana 3rd level of relaxation /surrendering
– Dharana 3rd degree of concentration /presence
– Pranvarna 3rd intensity of inner availability of strength

If you can’t join us Live, worry not! The replay will be sent right back to you a day after!

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Andre Riehl is a Professor of Nidra Yoga at the University of Poona, Mumbai-India. And has received official recognition from the Government of India through the ministry of d-ONER and for the transmission of Nidra Yoga He was named president of the European Federation of Traditional Yoga 1992, opening 5 schools across the continent